Connect your CM5 to the IQ Easy platform!

Thanks to the IQ Com Generator Converter it is possible to connect any existing CM5 charging generator to the Manager IQ Easy or Extension IQ Easy in an IQ Easy system. This makes it possible to pair the CM5 with a Sensor IQ Easy to enable Closed Loop Feedback charging
What is Closed Loop Feedback charging (CLFB)?
The Sensor IQ Easy bar will measure the static charge on the web and the generator output voltage will adapt constantly so that the static charge stays constant at the desired level.

So you don’t need to constantly monitor the charging effect and setting new charging setpoint voltages. 
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Which other issues will be improved or eliminated?
By adding a CM5 to your IQ Easy Platform lots of problems related to static electricity will be solved:

  • Production failures and production stops will be reduced, due to improved reliability and early warnings.
  • Quality assurance: you can find back all data and action logs.
  • You will get a warning when there is something wrong with a device so that you can intervene on time. The warnings and alarms will give you the chance to plan the maintenance or replacing of equipment before full break down. So no surprise machine stops due to defective static control equipment anymore!
  • When the Charging generator is connected to the IQ Com, it can be operated from the Manager IQ Easy.

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