Reduce operational costs by 30 to 70% by using a Typhoon

Typhoon airknives eliminate static and removes particles from flat and contoured surfaces. A Typhoon system incorporates a blower with an airknife. This system provides a continuous stream of clean ionised air for removal of surface particles and contamination. The Typhoon is adaptable to large halo systems used for auto and truck body cleaning prior to painting. It is also suitable for cleaning bumpers and other plastic parts. The bumpers or parts can be placed on a rack before going into the spray-painting cabin. By using blowers instead of compressed air, Typhoon can reduce operational costs by 30 to 70%.
The airknife Typhoon comes standard with a type EP-Sh-N anti-static bar (with power supply).

The Typhoon range is now extended with a Performax IQ Easy (24V, optional with Manager) or Performax (IQ) Easy Ex. 
For use in explosion hazardous areas, the P-Sh-N-Ex ionization bar (230V) or Performax Easy Ex (24V) or Performax IQ Easy Ex is used (24V, Option with Manager).
Want to see how the Typhoon system works?

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Curious how you can reduce your operational costs by using a Typhoon system?
A Typhoon system consists of a blower with one or several Typhoon airknives and tubes. Each system will be tailored specifically for a customers application. A checklist can be completed by the customer with all specific data. If needed Simco-Ion can supply a trial system so the customer can determine the air pressure (blow off force) needed to eliminate static charges and or removing impurities.

Dependent from the required air pressure the capacity of the blower can be determined, and Simco-Ion can offer the right blower.
We would be pleased to help you comparing our Typhoon system with compressed air systems. Using a spread-sheet, Simco-Ion will be able to calculate exactly the payback period of a planned investment in a Typhoon, when you provide the relevant variables.