This small charging generator for IML applications will save you money!

The CMME charging generator is specially designed for IML applications, where it can be mounted at the end of a robot arm.
It now has been upgraded from 18 kV 50% Duty Cycle to 20 kV 100% Duty Cycle.
Easy integration on the robot arm because of the small size, light weight and easy connections, give a great improvement to reliability and optimising and reducing the cycle time.
And thanks to the patented cycle OK function you can reduce the charging time drastically and thus the total cycle time of the injection moulding process. So it will save you money!

Read more about the unique (patented) cycle OK feature and other features of the CMME on: 
Do you want to see the CMME in action on a machine?
Watch our video of the CMME and Easycore in action on our Youtube channel:
In this video you can see Simco-Ion's CMME charging generator for IML applications in action on 2 machines in combination with the Simco-Ion special compound to make IML cores, Easycore.