ThunderION 2.0 UL, ThunderION HD

With certain production processes its necessary to neutralise static electricity at a very long distance, for example winding and rewinding of webs where the diameter of the re-winding section changes continuously. With the ThunderION a new technique is being used were long range neutralisation is possible without air support as transport medium for the ions.
Till now the ThunderION range existed from the ThunderION 2.0 and the ThunderION IQ 2.0.

We now have added two new types of ThunderION’s to our product range, to meet our customers’ demands, namely:

ThunderION 2.0 UL
The ThunderION 2.0 is now also available as a version with UL certification, the ThunderION 2.0 UL.

Check out our UL certificate
ThunderION 2.0 HD
The ThunderION 2.0 HD has Teflon emitters holders and can be used in heavy duty applications where the standard emitter holders cannot withstand chemicals and pollution.