A newly introduced IQ Com Generator converter makes is possible to connect any existing CM5 charging generator to the Manager IQ Easy or Extension IQ Easy.

Many settings, parameters, warnings and alarms are available. But MOST IMPORTANT, it is now possible to pair the CM5 with a Sensor IQ Easy to enable Closed Loop Feedback charging.

Charging materials to create a bonding force to assist in various processes can be difficult to manage.
By applying a fixed high voltage to a charging electrode, mounted at the right distance with a reference potential at the other side sounds easy. However the resulting static charge on the material can change dramatically when conditions change. Speed of the material, friction and separation from an iddle roller, polution or wearing of the electrode pins, change of material, humidity, electrode distance are some of the main factors.
When f.e. a charging electrode is supplied with 10 kV it the resulting charge on the material can easily vary between 5 and 20 kV. This can lead to unwanted situations and needs constant monitoring of the charging effect and setting new setpoint charging voltages.


A CM5 charging generator connected to the Manager IQ Easy through the IQ Com in combination with a Sensor IQ Easy, placed downstream of the charging electrode, enable closed loop feed back charging.